The  International Journal of Orthopaedic and Trauma Nursing is now indexed in Medline! This is exceptionally good news as it means that  articles written by orthopaedic nurses will now receive full exposure in medicine and healthcare’s largest literature database.


Upcoming Conferences

CONA Toronto Canada  May 28-31, 2017   CONA registration Feb 2, 2017

FFN Malmö Sweden Aug 25-26, 2017

ANZONA Perth Australia Oct  25-27, 2017


ICON is collaborating with the Italian Intersociety Commission on Osteoporosis, we are pleased to communicate the activation of a project of nursing education entitled “New strategies in nurse training in fragility fracture management”, with the sponsorship of EFORT, ESCEO, EUGMS, FFN, IAGG ER, ICON and IOF.

A workshop, with experienced nurses in fragility fractures, from nearly all European countries took place 15/16 May 2017 at the San Servolo Island, home of the Venice International University (VIU) and European Interdisciplinary Council on Aging (EICA).

The goal of this project is to generate a core curriculum to be distributed with a peer education method in different settings of nursing education, under the coordination of experienced nurses present. This education programme would be used as trace for improving nurses competencies in the management of Fragility Fracture throughout Europé.

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Collaboration with NICHE ICON is collaborating with NICHE (Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders) on a series of clinical and patient and family resources. Read more under Current projects.

ICON is collaborating with the Fragility Fracture Network ICON & FFN conference is posted under Events ICON is collaborating with the National Gerontological Nursing Association Click on the link to view the webinar from Feb 26, 2015, titled Break Free: Fighting Fragility Fractures.

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